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Hey! How are you beautiful people doing? This month has been pretty interesting, huh? With the release of Pokemon Go, Singapore's birthday celebrations, and heat from Olympics, August has been great so far :')

Well, it's been almost a year since my Brow Resurrection (BR) session, which happened in October 2015. I thought it'd be a good time now to review the state of my brows and see if the service has lived up to expectations.

1. On long lasting,
I'd say it's been pretty dope so far. I've inserted pictures of my brows from August 2016 and October 2015 for your reference below. To be honest, I didn't think that the embroidery would have lasted this long. I mean.... I'm generally quite skeptical about many things. Naturally, I'd question whether the the effects of the treatment would actually last for that long????

Well, in my case, YES, it absolutely did! 

However, I can't say the same for a friend of mine. Hers faded rather quickly. As of today, it is still but has definitely faded a lot more than mine. This is weird because she had hers done a few months after I. Technically, hers is supposed to last longer than mine. 

So, I spoke to the brow therapist and she said that this disparity could be due to these several reasons: 1. skin type: the ink works better on dry/combination skin, 2. lifestyle: a person'y activity and exercise level might affect the staying power of the ink, 3. the after-care wasn't done properly. 

It slipped my mind to ask if there were solutions to counter the first two problems. I mean, these are unavoidable - there's no way one can change their skin type and I don't think it's very smart to give up exercising if its already part of one's lifestyle. If you're interested in the service, do take note of these caveats. Feel free to set an appointment for a consultation to determine whether you're ideal for the treatment. Else, it can be quite a bummer to see the brows fading abnormally early.

2. Complications?
It is really no hassle at all after the first week of after-care. We're supposed to apply some oil and cream regularly to keep the area hydrated, else it might flake depending on skin type. We are free to wash our face as usual. We just had to apply a protective layer of cream over the brows before we start the facial routine. 

On 2 August 2016
On 7 October 2015
The item second from most right: bottle of oil(not sure if it's oil but the consistency felt like oil)
The item from far right: cream (acts as a protective layer against water/perspiration etc.)

Even My Mom Loves It

After almost a year, my mom randomly asked, "Eh, I also want to do my brows leh. The more I see yours, the more I think it's nice.... I want also....."


.... so I brought her to Holland Village Browhaus to get her brows done. It felt really nice to be able to share such experience with her. Generally, we don't do a lot of such vain things together or that we've a lot of similar interests, so when we do, I really appreciate it. 

My mom is 50 this year. It's definitely nice to see her taking care of herself so well. I don't think I would want to give up on maintaining my looks and succumb to age when I'm older. Self love never ends. 

Aww don't you think her new set of brows really frames her face??

New Promotion for You

Browhaus asked if I could help them with their Eye Define (ED) service (basically a semi-permanent eyeliner) and I declined. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I think the ED service is not good enough or anything like that. The reason for my refusal is that I don't wear eyeliner on a daily basis and it would seem so out of character for me to do so??

So I told Browhaus, "But if you ever need me to shout about BR, I'd be happy to do so because I've been reaaally happy with the results. It's something definitely worth sharing."

Before I go into the new promotion, I just want to thank you guys for the overwhelming response to my previous post - BROWS ON FLEEK (which I've deleted and combined into this post [below]). I think this session is quite a big investment and something that I myself would not go into on an impulse. So,  big thank you to those who have placed your faith in my review and words. I hope you're happy with your brows so far since then! :')

And for those who missed out on the first promotion, here's another one you can consider! You can either try this for yourself or gift it to your loved ones (your mom maybe?) hehe.

Brow Resurrection Define at SGD$500 nett* 
(plus a free touch up!!!!!!)

For this promotion, I don't think it comes with the camera kit. Fret not, you can either buy it from Browhaus separately or purchase Bepanthen from the pharmacy! It is known to be a good alternative as a protective film and a hydration cream!!! 

The $500 package consists of a Brow Resurrection Define session +  touch-up session. So, let's do some maths like we did before, ok? $500 for a brow work that will last for approximately 2 years,  and $10ish for the Bepanthen, that's about $0.70/a day. 

I, personally, think it is a good investment. However, before diving headfirst into this, do analyse your skin type and lifestyle, or arrange for a consultation with the brow therapist to get some great advice. The brow therapist I trust and rely on 100% is Julia. I'd definitely recommend that you go to her because she really knows what she's doing. Most of my family and friends went to her and they were really pleased with the results. She is stationed at the Holland Village branch!

*valid only for new BR customers and until 17 September 2016
*remember to holler my name to enjoy the promo!

So, I retouched some of the faded areas. I didn't have to but well, here's to reliving the experience again and it helps me to better draft this post as well haha so why not!
I decided to lengthen the ends a little. If you see my Oct post (below), the ends were pretty short.
Second day after the session!!!
Third day after
This was from yesterday :-)
First day after my after-care week!

If you need more information (regarding the pain level, design etc.), feel free to continue reading below. The post below was written from a first-timer's perspective on the BR experience. If you've any other questions that weren't addressed in this post, feel free to email me! 

October 2015's BROWS ON FLEEK blogpost

If you're following me on Snapchat, you'd by now have a little knowledge on my Brow Resurrection journey! I did it a few weeks ago and #NOREGRETS. I had thought for a long time that a Brow Resurrection would be a splendid idea and more than once I've considered trying it out. However, I was told by many people that I don't need it because I've actually got enough brow hair. 

Hence, I've shelved that desire until.... Browhaus gave me an opportunity to give it a shot! (woohoo)

Then again, (surprise surprise) I didn't say yes to Sherby (Browhaus' marketing executive) right away... I had heard a lot about the Browhaus' services from my sources here and there which made me slightly uncertain. Maybe you've also heard about them too. Now that I've tried their service for myself, I can help you dispel your fears (if you've any).

1. "It's painful, no?"
Surprisingly, no. I wouldn't even say "not really" because I didn't feel any pain at all! The supposedly hardest part was when she stroked in the colours and that, to me, felt almost like... the soft edge of fingernail grazing my skin. 

The brow therapist applies a good amount of numbing cream to ensure that the procedure is both comfortable and painless. However, feel free to stop the brow therapist if you need to due to any discomfort.

You'll feel slight irritation here and there within the week of the procedure. Do apply diligently the after-care cream and you'll be just fine!

I really have gotta give a 5 star rating to the performance of Julia, my brow therapist. The session was estimated to last for less than 2 hours. I was there for THREE. Here's why: IRINA IS MAJORLY PICKY. Yeap. Eyebrows are of sooooo much importance to me that I had to scrutinize every strand and stroke just to make sure that I'd be able live with it for the next 1-2 years. Kudos to Julia for taking in all my requests seriously and patiently, and for diligently amending her work whenever I was not happy etc. I really tested her patience but she didn't crack *applause*

2. "I've heard that the color of the brows will look too dark and awful for the first few days?"
Only partially true. It really depends on the individual case and what colour you apply. I remember that my appointment was on a Thursday and I still went to school the next day. No one mentioned anything about the colour of my brows being too harsh and it was close to black! It'll no doubt look darker than usual, but it won't be to such an alarming extent.

3. "It fades kinda fast, right?"
So far, everything seems fine. It is still as dark as I would like and I still can lazily drag myself to school without drawing 'em brows, which is pretty good huh? Tbh, it really saves me PLENTY of time! 5 minutes of extra snooze time can be so precious. Any student out there feel me? 

This set directly below is the before pictures
Here's the reason why I did it on Thursday when I could have done it on Friday instead (and have the chance to hide at home if the color turned out as dark as rumoured). I had a shoot with Caring Skin on Sunday. Hence, I booked my appointment slightly earlier, hoping that 3 days would be enough for the rumoured darkness to fade. But hey, everything turned out okay! The makeup artist actually said it looked really nice and she didn't have to do much to 'em brows (yaaaaaasssssss)
Personally, I think my new set of brows accentuate my features and frame my face so well. Yes, I may have enough hair but the Brow Resurrection did more than fill in hair. It fulfilled me by giving me a  structuring, shaping and tailoring my brows to my face shape, and giving it a colour that complements my skin tone. 

I'm just really glad that I was brave enough to say yes to Sherby. I hope by now your doubts and fears would have evaporated by now because Browhaus is giving a special promotion for my readers who have NEVER tried Brow Resurrection before! The Brow Resurrection Define now goes at $750 instead of $1280++ (the usual price)!!! Pls remember to quote my name, "Irinatyt" for this promo to be valid, at your preferred outlet to enjoy!! If you're still on the fence.... They offer consultations at the outlets to address any uncertainty you might have. Remember to call in to your desired outlet first :-)

Join me in earning yourself an extra 5 minutes of snooze each day *wink*

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Browhaus Singapore
Tel: +65 6471 2769

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